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Riverdale Hotel


Riverdale Hotel, Kandy, Sri Lanka

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Feast your senses in its luxurious and opulent comfort. Take a refreshing dip in the turquoise blue teardrop pool or lounge on the deck with Kandy stretched out before you like a elegant canvas. Brimming with color, culture and charm the hotel is much like the city it's in - unforgettable! Hotel River Dale is a place in the hills. Architecture and details that embody the spirit of the kandian kingdom. Riverdale Hotel is ideally suitable place to relax in luxurious surrounds. Tucked away in Kandy, the lush green hill capital of the island, the Riverdale Hotel will captivate your imagination no sooner you enter its elegant setting. The smiles of our people will not only complement the warmth of our hotel, but will also add to the personal level of luxurious service that each and every one of our guests is given.When luxury and comfort are on your mind.

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